Saturday, 12 September 2009

Osprey Warrior 138 - Roosevelt's Rough Riders

I managed to visit a local bookshop after work yesterday and was able to buy a copy of the recently published ROOSEVELT'S ROUGH RIDERS. It is volume 138 in Osprey's WARRIOR series (ISBN 978 1 84603 383 4), and cost £11.99 ($18.95).

I have several books about the Spanish-American War and this is a worthy addition to my collection. Besides giving an easy-to-read account of the actions that the regiment took part in, it also covers its origins, what life was like in camp before and during the campaign in Cuba, and what happened to some of its members after the regiment was disbanded.

As one would expect from an Osprey book, it is well illustrated with both photographs and colour illustrations.


Deadbee said...

Interesting, I might have to pick this up. Have not dived into the Spanish American War yet though I recently bought the S & T game on the Santiago campaign. Looking forward to some future colonial information on your site. I do some dabbling in colonial games on my site but I am very interested in your blog and future colonial contributions. Followed your website for years.

Robert (Bob) Cordery said...


Nice to hear from you ... and thanks for the nice comments about my website!

The Spanish-American War really was a 'splendid liitle war', and is an excellent basis for a wargames campaign because the forces are not too large, and the naval aspects of the war are managable.

It is well worth looking at if you are interested,

All the best,