Thursday 20 August 2009

Favourite Colonial units

I have just finished reading Andrew Martin’s DEATH ON A BRANCH LINE. One of the characters in the book recreates British colonial battles in which the York and Lancaster Regiment took part. This set me wondering about why so many colonial wargamers of my acquaintance have a particular ‘favourite’ colonial unit. For example, I know of several who have a ‘South Essex Regiment’ in their colonial armies, even though it is a fictional regiment created specifically for the SHARPE novels. Furthermore, this regiment always seems to occupy a prominent position in their army’s battle line.

Because most of my colonial wargaming is totally fictional I do not have a ‘favourite’ colonial regiment as such, but I have found that I do tend to favour two or three regiments over the others in my collection when I have battles to fight because they tend to be ‘lucky’ i.e. I always seem to throw better dice scores for them.

Am I unique in this, or do other colonial wargamers have their ‘favourites’ and/or ‘lucky’ units?

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